Scx10 And Stampede 4X4 Crawling And Bashing...

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Man I thought you had it that time!! Cool vid. Looks like RC heaven right there. Good spots for go-fasts, crawling and scaling. Nice :)

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Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun out there, planning to go back soon (I hope) and get some more footage. I'll be taking the Summit along for sure next time. A couple of notes:

*The stampede (Orange Jeep) did actually make it up 3 times, but my buddy failed me and wasn't filming at the time, lol.

*The stampede was also pretty hobbled, the rear diff came unlocked, and it kept throwing the pin under the front-left hex, so the rear was unlocked and the front-left was free-wheeling.

*The SCX10 needs a bit more speed, and center of gravity needs to lowered, way too easy to roll it on it's side.

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