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New To The Forum From Germany

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I'm originally from NJ (USA), but have been living in Germany for over 5 yrs now.

I was first introduced to hobby grade rc as a kid on a family trip in the 80s. I picked up a copy of rc car action that had an awesome homebuilt pulling truck called the quicksilver. It had a custom tube frame, model hemi engine (parma?), clod body and clod rear wheels (i would love to see that article again!). I guess nowadays it would be called a scaler. All I knew was that I wanted one! So I started chucking papers to save up money. I saved up enough to buy a used Tamiya mud blaster. I mostly just bashed. I once tried racing, but was quickly turned off when the track put my mud blaster in the same class as associated and losi trucks. it was a "stock" class so everyone had to buy a sealed motor from the track to run. my truck was no match gearing wise! As I needed someone to drive me to the track (which was over 30 miles away) and I had to pay to race with the very limited funds I had as a kid, I quickly determined it wasn't for me and stuck with bashing. I had a few more used Tamiyas until I finally got old enough to mess with real cars. I fell out of the hobby for a while. A couple years ago, my work friend showed me his emaxx. I couldn't believe how far rc had come! The design/engineering, speed, the suspension set up and the best part - 2.4Gh!!! No more crystals or runaways!

Around that time my 4 yr old son wanted a lightning mcqueen rc car. I remember having radio shack and sears rc cars that would only run a couple times and then break (my dad would get pissed). I didn't want the same thing to happen to my son, so I started looking for a small hobby grade rc. I found the hpi mini recon and bought it for his fifth birthday. I also bought a traxxas speed control for the "learner mode". Before I gave him the truck, I switched the esc and slowed it way down. it was awesome and held up to an amazing amount of abuse! Unfortunately, it was too small to really drive in grass so we'd drive it on the fussball (soccer) field up the street. The soccer field is a red clay (like the infield of a baseball field) as are most fields here. Unfortunately, hpi made a bad decision with the change to the motor mount configuration as it lets the small stones in and eats up the gears and motors. after changing parts a few times and some well placed duct tape, it survived to be passed to his younger brother when he turned 5.

After i messed around with the hpi, i remembered how much fun i used to have. I remembered seeing the Tamiya txt-1 in rcca one time and always wanted one but didn't have the money, I also always wanted a nitro, so i started looking for a nitro monster truck. I didn't care for the look of the emaxx type trucks, which to me looks like a stadium truck (i guess they're called short course now) with bigger tires and higher body mounts. i was about to give up and buy a txt-1 when an advertisement for a mad force kruiser caught my eye as i was closing a web page. after googling for hours to find it again, i stumbled back on the advertisement which was actually for the electric version. However, i found out there was a nitro too! I watched kyosho's videos and loved the look! The body is awesome (it doesn't look like everyone else that just has a modern pickup body) and the best part is that as a solid axel truck it looks like a real monster truck when running! The way the wheels bounce around and all looks just like monster jam! so i bought my first ever brand new rc car! i was a little bummed that it was rtr as i would have preferred building it! it was so great to drive, but with the noise, i didn't get a lot of time to drive it (ordnances on noise are strict where i live). i looked into what it would take to convert mine to electric and stumbled on parts on ebay. I then found a whole electric roller for cheap! i bought that plus some parts to make it a running mad force ve. at this time my oldest son wanted a truck like daddy's. as he did really good with the hpi, i looked for more parts on ebay and found a pair of nitro rollers for a good deal. i converted them to mad force ve's as well. I made a jumper for the esc to run one pack instead of two so it was slower for him to learn. Now that he's 7, i let him run the full 14.8v if we're in a big enough field. I'm always amazed at how well the truck holds up being ran into things at full speed! it's amazing the abuse it takes. Anyway, we've now got 5 mad force trucks now (1 nitro and 4 electric) and still 1 mini recon. i'll try to post pics some other time.

recently, I've been having issues with my nitro kit running hot. as this was my first nitro and kyosho's tuning guide wasn't very good, i started looking online and ran across squirrel's videos! i must say I'm impressed. There's a lot of free info on the internet from people who don't fully understand the subject. Squirrel is not one of them, he knows his stuff! to me, it's more important to know the "why" you do something, rather than just knowing what to do. This truly shows a mastery of the subject - thx for the excellent info squirrel!

hopefully, now that I've joined, i can get some help here. see you in the forums!


oh yeah, sorry for the long book

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Glad to have you here Alex, and I hope we can help out with your questions!

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Welcome Alex, glad your here!!

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