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Hi, I'm new to this whole thing, so am doing the intro a little late. My name is Jeff and I'm getting back into RC after a long break. I started with RC at age 13, stopped in my 20's (all electric, disappointed, Nicd's suck!), sorta started again in my 30's (with Nitro, disappointed, didn't really care for that either), stopped, then got into a few motorcycle wrecks (broken knee, broken ankle, broken bank and broken will :blink: ). Bikes are gone (or soon to be), and technology has improved tremendously (NiMH, Lipo, Life, peak chargers, esc's and brushless motors, suspensions that do something other than pogo, you get the idea :D ). So here I am, with a bazillion questions, and a web site full of people with answers. You guys rock, and thanks to Squirell for running this show!

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Welcome to the forums!

RC is one of those things that always seems to draw you back in, even after years of being out of the hobby.

The only thing keeping me from getting into bikes are the wrecks. I've hurt myself enough just riding dirtbikes as a kid.

Besides I have enough injuries plus, steel pins,plates and rods, holding me together.

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