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Rules & Regulations

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TheToyz.com Community Polices

Here at The Toyz forums we are dedicated to provide a friendly online community where RC bashers and racers can share experiences and talk to others on all general RC goodness. Please remember that this is and will be a friendly environment for all members and violations will not be tolerated and will be temporarily or permanently removed from these forums.

Topics & Post

When using these forums, please stay on topic in which you are submitting your post. If you do not see a topic for what you are looking for, please post a new topic so others can enjoy and discuss your RC question or insight.

Language & Harassment

The Toyz forums language will be English and please refrain from inappropriate words and statements as we want to keep this fun and informative for everyone. Harassment and flaming, racialism, abusive, profane, hateful statements may result in a temporary and/or life ban from our forums.


Spamming, in which a user posts the same message repeatedly in one or multiple forums, is prohibited. Spamming will also be defined as posting advertisements in the general discussion forums for products for sale in the swap shop. Our forum is for ideas and discussions. Please do not overwhelm our members with advertisements but realize that posting announcements or interesting new product information is information our members want. Please respect other users and don't spam.


Lets keep it clean and keep your photos to RC related


Posted links need to be user friendly that you do require a membership to view and RC related.


The Toyz reserves the right at our discretion to remove or restrict any post, image, link or user in any part of these forums. We also reserve the right to remove users for incorrect contact information. Its easy, just be cool and have fun on these forums and this will never be a problem.

Keep On Truckin'

The bottom line is we all are doing something fun with RC's and everyone knows what is right and what is wrong, so just do the right thing and be cool to other members and they will do the same to you. If someone is new and you can help them out.........please do so as we all were new at one point. We hope that this will be a great and fun place for people to converse and share.

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