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Top things to do at TheToyz Forums

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New to the Toyz? Welcome! Thank you very much for joining and checking us out!

Not sure where to start? Its ok, there are a lot of things to do here. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. The RC FAQ section holds the best of the best walk throughs, guides, and a wealth of knowledge!


2. Squirrel’s FAQ thread. Im a little biased on this one. :blink: However, a lot of my hard work and time is spent working on walk throughs, building the board’s knowledge, and even videos to help you through an assortment of RC issues. My threads are spread out all over the board, so, this is a thread where everything is linked into one spot. If you would like to see something performed then message me and I will work on getting that idea up.


3. Let us get to know you, and vice versa, a little better. Introduce yourself to the welcome thread and let us know how you heard of us.



4. Got electronic or nitro engine woes? Check out these sections dedicated to helping you get back out there and running again!



5. Want to know about great deals on good rc parts that are cheap or on sale? Want to sell a rc that you have or buy a previously owned one? What about ebay auctions? Check out this section!


6. Want to know what the latest and greatest things in the RC field are? Here is a section dedicated to just that!!


7. Want to watch some videos from our members or around the web of RCs doing some pretty amazing things? Or enter into monthly photo contests? Check out this section!


8. Want to share some pictures of your prized RC, or look at what other people have? Check out the gallery section!


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