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Moderator Application

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As you may have come to know that TheToyz is different then most forums out there, along with being different, we believe that giving the opportunity to progress in the Forums is very important. Some places have the concept of if you want to be one then do not ask, and if you do, then you will never be considered. Why dice someone down for wanting to have a bigger part of the experience?

We at TheToyz believe that a position as Moderator is one that is a earned position, not based on favoritism, or friendship. We would like to give every member the opportunity to apply for the position and after receiving your application the Moderators, and Admins, will review the applicants when a new positions opens the decision is made on many qualifications, based on different aspects and what is needed at the time. So if you would like to progress into a Moderator position please take the time to fill out the form Below and PM it to anyone of the Mods or admins for review. It will be placed in the Mod and Admin section for review.

What makes a good moderator?

To be honest, you do not need strong RC skills to be a moderator. There are positions that will pop up based off of what the board needs at the time. If you have a strong talent that can be used for the forum then that might be an entry for you.

You do not have to submit an application to be considered. However, the application shows your intent and desire to be apart of the mod team. When we select we look at who is interested as there is no point in deciding on a member who does not want the added responsibility.

Good characteristics:

- Participates in forum discussions

- Starting new threads to show wisdom, start conversations, projects, etc

- People skills

- Good attendance

- Does not flame, taunt, annoy, etc other members

- Resident expert in an area.

The Process:

The first step is the moderator application. Off of that we can start the pool of available candidates.

After this step, and not always, there is an interview process. The questions might seem repetitive but it is a way for us to get to know you better. This is a way for us to gage how you will be as a mod, your personality, and what jobs will lend to you.

After the interviews there are fire side chats to see if the member will fit in the group. This could include getting to know the person on a personal level (without the applications), viewing the moderator and admin rules that we are held by (the rules on the forum are not as stringent as mod rules), and discussion over if a job is a good fit for you.

And then you are a mod! The process can take days to months depending upon availability and opening of jobs.

If you are not selected then do not be bummed! Applications will remain in the mod section and there are lots of people that get all the way to the end only to find that they would be perfect doing X and we are looking for Y. So, when a X position shows up, guess who gets first look? The jobs here are geared for the member and their strengths. Your time may still come!

******************Copy and paste the above in a PM to Squirrel**************************

Toyz Moderator application


Screen Name:

Have you ever been a Mod or Admin on another site?

If yes Where and length of time in this position.

If given the chance to be a Moderator, is there anything that you would like to see done differently on the forums if so what and why?

Moderator jobs are things that allows you to build a certain aspect of the forum. What job would you like to perform that would fit you?

Are there any rules, or regulations that you think need to be changed? If so what and why would you like to see it changed?

If elected as a Mod what do you have to bring to the forums, what are your area’s of expertise?

As a moderator you will have an increased influence over the administrative part of the board (rules, regulations, policies, and other aspects) to help the forum grow. Attendance is needed as it allows us to have maximum participation in these discussions and to grow the forum. How regular would you be on the forum if selected?

What do you know about our line of Product, if asked a question on something that it in the store do you feel you could answer a members question, either by strait knowledge or by looking into it for him?

If you Could describe your personality, what would you say your best traits are, and do you think that you would be able to mesh with the current mods and admins?

What do you feel is the #1 priority of a moderator to do? What is the job in your words?

******************Copy and paste the above in a PM to Squirrel**************************

Please do not post your application but PM it to Squirrel.

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