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Toyz post/link/advertising rules

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Posting, Linking, and Advertising Rules


Posting on this forum is subject to the interpretation by the moderators of the site. What is deemed to be questionable, or against thetoyz policies, can be deleted, moved off site, edited, altered, or in any way molded as the moderator sees fit.

Posts are not owned by users nor are accounts personal property.

Warnings will be issued for violations. These can include, are not limited to, do not have to go in this order, and are at the discretion of the moderator staff:

-post altering to include editing out or replacing words


-post movement off site

-verbal warning over thread or PM

-warning level increased

-post approval

-account limitation

-if severe enough of an infraction has occurred then account suspension could arise.


The only rule that I will put on linking is that it should serve for the betterment of the board, to aid in understanding, to assist another person, and not be of malicious intent.


1)This is a forum set off of a RC store. Does this mean that you should not post or link tower, killer hobbies, etc? No. You can still link them and everything is fine.

2) Can you link other forums? Yes. You may link another forum as long as it is not spamming or recruiting in nature. I do not condone memberships in other forums nor am I naïve to think that other forums do not exist. More than likely, you are linking a forum that I visit, have an account with, or am friends with the admin of. My only limitation is recruitment and spamming.


This is an RC forum via an RC store.

Does this mean that if you own a store you cannot be here? Not at all. You are more than welcome to be here and for it to be known that you are a store.

I will not tolerate the majority of the posts and links to be for pure self profit and self promotion. If I feel that you are crossing the line the I will contact you.

However, my issue is with people who are not credible and shady. If you are a good member here, post, help out, and are friendly then I do not mind. If you own a store and are a value to the forum, then you are helping yourself out and myself. I will allow that as it is mutually beneficial.


The goal of the forum is to be one where RC guys can hang out and chat about RC. A few have abused this rule and that is why it is being stated plain as day. Please, just be cool and respect our feelings. This is a great place to be and we will work with you if you work with us. If you are in doubt then please feel free to contact myself and ask.

When in doubt, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about how they would feel –or- ask yourself what the reasonable/ average person would say or do. I say this because that is the question that I will be asking myself when I read the post.



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