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Hi from the cold upnorth

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Yes, it is still cold I would say, here in Norway. Just looked outside, and the thermostat said +10C (clock 20:00).

Anyway, joined the forum today, after thinking about it for some time, since I subscribed to the youtube chan.

But never got around to do so until now. Since I'm sitting looking at the walls waiting for my new RC gear to come in the mail.

Or thats not entirely true, I dismantled my SavageX the other night, to make it ready for my new LCG TVP from innovative-rc, also ordered the mid tank mod kit that fits the new TVP.

I tried making my own mid tank mod for the original savage setup, but didn't like to look or the feel of it. Thought it was to cramped and hard to change battery's and whatnot.

So now I am surfing the web, reading forums (like some of the mod treads in here, nice stuff people), and ended up buying even more stuff.

TheToyz had some of the more unique body's i have come across yet, but might be from a lack of stores that have body's other then the normal ones around here (and the ones I have found with okay prices online)

I ended up with the warthog, if that isn't something out of the ordinary, I don't know what is.

post-13639-1244398613.jpeg post-13639-1244398645.jpeg

So for the pure stats. I have a SavageX 4.1, been bashing for 2.5 years, and bought the new parts as much out of need as a need to kick my self in the ass to get out and drive more.

I'm 28 this summer, and is somewhat of a geek (even have the glasses to prove it), work in IT tech and hope for a long warm(er) summer with time to drive hard.

Plans for the future (with my savage) is mostly small upgrades, as I brake things. But mostly thinking of going 1/5 in a few years, and have the savage as the 2. car, so a digital radio is the next "big" upgrade on my part I guess.

Hm, this got to be a lot more then a normal introduction post I see, but to cover that part too, hm, HI ALL! :P

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Welcome to The Toyz Lain! We are happy to have you my friend ;) Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy all the forum has to offer :)

Nice HOG by the way!


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Thanks all.

I be sure to take pictures, got my new Nikkor AF-D 50mm f/1.8 for my Nikon D70 DSLR on friday.

Been testing it out, and it makes for really nice indoor pictures.

Might be a few weeks before I can make a mod update tough, since I have to go on 2 working trips in 2 weeks.

But hay, have to make the money to keep this hobby right, and it ain't cheap.

A teaser on what to come, how my savage looks today :P


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Welcome neighbor!

Glad to see, some other people from the northern Europe!


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Welcome to The Toyz my friend and enjoy! :D

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