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TheToyz Chat Rules

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TheToyz Chat Room Rules

We all love this place for the No BS, No Drama…. Just RC attitude that we have here. One of my worries is that a chat room could cause drama that would disrupt the forum or bring about a negative air. I have thought, and thought about it and finally found a comment from a member that clicked in my brain “The forum members that we have are pretty responsible”. This rang through my head on how to handle, and control, a forum chat room.

I am not going to moderate this chat room. The forum members will.

How will this work?

Our forum rules are simple. Be cool and treat others with respect. Respect does not include, and is not limited to:






-Making others feel uncomfortable.

Respect means treating others in a way where we co-exist on a hobby level. This does not mean that issues will not come up. When they do, they are handled via member to member privately over PMS, and if needed, a moderator can act as a coach or 3rd party to solve a dispute. However, it is not presented on the forum for others to read. It does not need to be there.

Chat Room Rules

By using the chat room you agree to the following:

1) The above rules will be followed.

2) If a rule is broken then the member who is offended will issue a public request for the offender to cease. The offense needs to be something against our rules, the offended member will not retaliate (as it is against our rules as you are just as guilty then) but make the request to stop as peacefully as possible.

3) If the offendor does not stop then the offended member shall report the offense to the moderator team or to Moderator@thetoyz.com with 1) a copy of the chat transcript, 2) date that it occurred, and 3) time that it occurred

A detailed explanation of what went on is not needed with the transcript. ;)

4) The official chat transcript will be verified (to include chat PMs). If the offended did not violate any of the rules back at the offendor, there is a violation of forum decency rules, and it is verified that the request was made to stop, then action will be taken.

Discipline for Chat Violations

Discipline will be weighed on the severity of the action. It can be as minor as coaching from a moderator, warning, forum warning level raised, or removal from chat on a temporary or permanent basis.

Removal, temporary or permanent, will be on the guise that it was a severe infraction -OR- prior warnings or talks did not work. It is member based as to if a removal is implemented.


Any chat complaint will be recorded and the transcript will be saved for future referral. IE: if a question arises in the future, verification of problematic behavior, or to squelch drama if someone is booted from chat and then want to go to other forums to publically post about “unfair” treatment. Rather than hearsay, we will choose to post up historical fact over hearsay, rumor, or drama. We treat people fairly and with respect here. We also do operate in an open door manor with the forum (as we are honest and want to ensure that all feel comfortable) so that people know the truth and what is going on.

Bottom Line

Be cool to your fellow hobbyist. Nuff said! ;)

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