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Got a suggestion for the forum?

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Got a suggestion on how to improve the site, feedback, or ideas?

This forum open encourages feedback that is done in the right manor. What manor is that? Its easy really, simply open a new Private Message to Squirrel and submit your ideas! :D

All suggestions will be considered. However, in order to be realized they must be what the over all majority of the forum will want and appreciate. It also needs to be feasible. Because of this, not all feedback cannot be accommodated but we will try.

What is the wrong way to suggest forum changes?

The wrong way is to post a thread enlisting support for the idea. This is for two reasons: First, the feasibility of the idea needs to be researched. If something is not possible then it is not great to tease others and stir up emotions for the idea. Secondly, it is polite to ask the person who runs the forum (that would be me) and let me accept moderator feedback and then forum feedback. There could be several areas to look into and manage that the average user could not see and we will want to know the impact, solutions, etc. And it is for these, and many other reasons, that we ask that you do not post threads but PM the admin. Plus, it is simply polite. :) Also, I will add that the ultimate decision is on my plate. Just because there is a suggestion does not mean that it will happen.


Got an idea or suggestion?? Shoot me a PM and we will see what we can do. :D

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