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Toyz Signature Guidelines

As we have evolved it is becoming clear that we need start monitoring the size of the signatures. The good majority of the members choose signatures that are well within the merits of practical use while others are page long bulletin boards. Which causes the screen width to be jeopardized and for people to scroll continuously to get to the next reply in a post.

It is out of the recent influx that we feel it prudent to offer guidelines on signatures. These rules will help ensure that people are afforded the chance to browse the forum in a enjoyable manor.

-For pictures, the image needs to be 125,000 pixel area large; not to exceed 250 wide.. What does this mean?

Pixel Area = Length x Width


- For multiple pictures, the area will be added together. If you have one picture that uses 800 pixel area then you only have 200 left over with the same width of 250 maximum left.

-Text should be at a conservative font size (for example 12 to 16) and should not exceed 4 lines, double spaced, in length.

- Forum selling rules will be adhered to. This means that a link to a for sale ad, making sale offers, posting links to ebay or other auction sites, and any other means of relinquishing material is prohibited on open forum. Signatures are read on open forum. These sort of deals and offers need to be in the rightful Buy/Sale/Trade/Auction area that is designated on the forum and restricted to members with less than 25 posts.

-Images selected must comply to good common sense, be of a PG-13 nature, and must not be offensive to the open public. This will be interpreted on a case by case basis.

-Moderators and Admins have the final say on what is interpreted, enforced, etc. If rules are being bent in the wrong way, people are deviating from them, etc then the mod team has the ability, and say so, to do what they feel is just and reasonable to ensure compliance.

We are a lenient bunch and would like to keep it that way. :) Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that allows maximum creativity and personal freedoms. However, we feel that the above will allow the good members here to continue to surf in a non-offensive manor due to inappropriate and large signatures. Thus, enhancing the over all member experience.

If there are any suggestions to the above then please PM a moderator to discuss how we can make things better.

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