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Rules for buying and selling on the site

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Rules for selling and trading on TheToyz.com

1. Buying, selling, trading, or any other agreement between two independent parties is deemed to be done so at the parties own risk. The agreements, ads, trades, deals, and any other business conducted by two individuals is of consequence and risk to the individual party and in no way the responsibility of TheToyz.com.

2. If an issue over a deal occurs then it needs to be handled with direct communication between the parties involved.

3. If you suspect that a deal has been soured then do your best to remain calm and treat the other person with as much respect as possible; even if they do not deserve it. You will make the deal worse by fronting an attitude. You will get more with honey than with vinegar. Just because you did not get the item yet, or it is not as described, does not mean that the situation cannot be resolved. If you are calm and collected about it then a resolution can usually take place. Sometimes, life legitimately happens that will prevent a person from shipping on time. Be patient with the person to see if they follow through.

4. Save all correspondence that shows what the deal is for and how it should be handled.

5. Get the other parties full name, age, address, phone number, etc prior to agreeing to the deal.

6. If you are patient and nothing still comes then you may decide to up the ante. Before you trade be sure to take videos of the rc, pictures of the rcs, save the receipt, TRACK THE BOX, and buy INSURANCE. This will make a postal fraud claim that much easier! If you are selling then do step 5, pay via money order or paypal as they will give you some sort of recourse if the item is not sent (remember, if the mo is cashed and it is not sent then it is fraud and if paypal is used but no tracking number is issued from the seller then the paypal claim is automatically in your favor).

7. You can even further up the ante over6 if you wish. You can contact the FBI, local police, or sue the other party. If you have taken the above steps then you will be able to fill out the FBI forms and provide the proof necessary to substantiate a claim against the other party.



8. If you have a problem with another member then please bring it to our attention. We can handle member conflict on the board and we do not want bad sellers or traders here. However, our sphere of influence is only over the board.

9. Only RC items are allowed.

10. You can only post items for sale, trade, etc inside the correct section of the forum deemed for the activity. If your thread is posted anywhere outside of the Buy/Sell/Trade area then it will be removed. In order to access this section you must have 25 posts. Anything less than 25 posts will keep the section locked and you will not have access. Do not spam your way up to 25 posts. Fluff posts will be removed. Sit back, hang out, chat, and share your RC experiences with the group as we want to get to know who you are as buying and selling over the Internet requires trust.

Selling Tips

-It is advised that sellers be as honest as possible about the products description to include known defects and anything that you know should be mentioned about condition. If you knew about it at the time of sale then according to contract law you have to be forthcoming about the condition and not “he didn’t ask, so I didn’t state”. Again, according to contract law, not providing information pertinent to condition voids the contract between two people.

-Ship the item via USPS, UPS, FedEX, or many other carriers. Be sure to ship the item with a tracking number. Also, offer insurance to the other party as a token of good faith.

-Post pictures of your item. Show any detail that is pertinent. You can open a photobucket account or use www.tinypic.com to hose images. There are also others that can be used as well.

-Keep all communication doors open. Provide a good email and point of contact information. If conflict arises then do your best to defuse the situation vs making it worse.

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