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  1. The Official Introductions Thread

    Hi All, I'm the New Kid in town. I browsed the FAQ's today, and came to realize, that I've done EVERYTHING wrong so far. I've got big shoulders, and thick skin, so flame away. I've watched many of Squirrel's videos, and they have helped tons, and tons. Now for the part where I hang my head... I'm new to the RC world, and my first RTR Truck is a Redcat Earthquake 3.5. I know... now. So, here's what I've done to it so far. Aluminum hub carriers, aluminum hubs front and rear, pitched the bushings in the steering system, and replaced them with bearings. I have the "widening kit" that uses the Shredder control arms to widen the stance by 3 inches. Bought an Integy setup kit, and set it to 3 degrees camber front, and rear, 2 degrees toe in on the rear, 3 degrees toe out in the front, and caster is pretty much where it's gonna be. I replaced the SH 3.5 with an XTM 457 6 port, and all the flywheel, clutch, and bell gear to go with it. See? I told you I did EVERYTHING wrong so far. But, I like to make things work, that shouldn't, and I've come this far with it, so I'm going to see how "good" I can make it. Go ahead, flame away. And when we're done, I have a few questions for the braintrust. You folks have an amazing wealth of knowledge, and I can't wait to pick it.