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  1. The Official Introductions Thread

    Thank you guys, I will go ahead and do that
  2. The Official Introductions Thread

    Hello Everyone, Coming back to the RC world after 15ish years. I used to have a nitro which was a blast and now that I'm coming back I'm going to try the brushless electric. I was looking at the 1/10 Rustler VXL because of the speed right out of the box. I was mostly going to be on grass as I have not looked for a place to drive that has dirt or sand but we have grassy fields and yards. I live in the north west corner of Houston so going to the beach takes over an hour which isn't as fun when your car only runs for about 20 min unless you have more batteries =). Anyway I was pretty set on the Rustler until I saw the Savage Flux and my jaw dropped, but I can't afford 600+ dollars rought now. The 360 was more in my range right now. I was also planning on going with a limo battery and charger but I have read more horror stories and seen several videos of the batteries burning the RC to the ground and it kinda scares me to go lips lol but I want the speed. So now I'm at limbo with what I wanna do. I thought about buying used but not sure. I also thought about a cheaper RC and use the extra money to beef it up but not sure on what RC. I started watching more of squirrels videos which I think he does such an awesome job on. So as you can see I need help and I'm so excited to be getting back in the game. Thank you everyone -Dave Man I just saw this and some others, I'm really leaning on this Rustler. So I saw another post on here to get this charger, http://www.hobbypartz.com/73p-ac680-accharger.html. So what lips battery should I get?