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  1. Newbie From Houston Tx

    I'd like to eventually race,but for now I want to get the feel of how it handles...my track driving skills aren't that great lol
  2. Newbie From Houston Tx

    Viper VF-8 1900kvEsc:RX8 GEN2 Thank you
  3. Newbie From Houston Tx

    i forgot to mention that the (used) motor,esc,wheels and tires were part of the sell.the kit is brand new
  4. Newbie From Houston Tx

    Hi my name is Angel...I've been out of the hobby for about 5yrs or so and recently got back in it.but I'm in need for lots of help with my mugen mbx7r I picked up for a good deal.I'm lost when it comes to brushless motor,esc and lipo batteries.hek I have no idea what wires to solder lol so please take it easy on me.thanks in advanced 1.how do i determine what lipo battery to buy 2.what is a good steering servo that won't break my wallet 3.is the airtronics mv-x a good radio to start off with? 4.what's a decent charger to buy
  5. The Official Introductions Thread

    newbie from Houston tx,and in need of lots of help lol