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  1. Hello From Idaho

    I bought a used Nitro TMaxx 3.3. Needs some work, but the PO had done some upgrades to it, but wasn't real familiar with it, so I had to fix what he had done. The PO had installed an LRP ZR.30 Spec2 with a Werkz Comp. clutch, an HPI 13 tooth clutch bell, and not sure what kind of spur gear. It will be a project for me, and I already have it up and running this weekend. I still have some tuning to do to it.
  2. Hello From Idaho

    Hello all, I'm Bill, and I'm from Southeastern Idaho. I'm new to this forum, and I'm relatively new to Nitro trucks. I have owned several electric trucks over the years, and a few Nitro heli's, but I got a good deal on a nice Nitro and I'm hooked.
  3. Upgrade Problems

    Thanks for the update sir.