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  1. Hello From New Zealand

    It lives! Cleaned it all up, put it back together (loctite everywhere), took it all apart again when I realized I had put the one way bearing on the pull start on back to front. :| Put it all back together again (more loctite) and it started! And ran it around for about ~ 2 minutes (I knocked the throttle trim) and wouldn't start again. Glow plug dead. Last glow plug. Damn. ...to be continued.
  2. Hello From New Zealand

    *pull start
  3. Hello From New Zealand

    Sad face. Had a good run of it today, but ended when it was running fine, then stopped moving. Accelerated, it revs, but doesn't move. Uh oh. Opened it up to find oil everywhere. Cue that sinking feeling. Happily, not as bad as I first thought. My diagnosis is that somehow the engine mounts got loose, shaking the crap out of everything else. Had 3 bolts missing from the pull stop mount, one missing from one side of the engine mount, the exhaust connection (where the gasket is) was loose (hence the oil everywhere). The clutch outer has discolored, must have overheated somehow. May have stuffed the clutch. I'll have to get replacement screws and re-mount everything else to see if it is or not. There was some oil in the clutch, which may have caused it to spin against the outer case instead of grip, so this may have been all it was. Here's hoping a few screws is all I need.
  4. Hello From New Zealand

    It arrived!...yesterday. Got some Nitro fuel and a spare glow plug from the local hobby store today. Won't be going there again. They wanted $70 for a glow igniter and charger! Ordered one online for $20. :| Used a 3v battery and some ingenuity to make a make-shift glow igniter before the real one comes. Broke the engine in tonight, runs pretty sweet. Will tune it up tomorrow and really get it cranking. Very happy!
  5. Hello From New Zealand

    Thanks! Can't wait till I receive my first RC car. It's shipped, so shouldn't be long now.
  6. Hello From New Zealand

    Hi! I'm new to this forum, and to RC. Had a play with a mates traxxas revo and decided I needed an RC car too! I got home, researched, found myself waaaaaay down the rabbit hole, much more knowledgeable but quite confused about what to buy. I finally decided that Nitro RC was the way to go for me. Looking forward to the challenges that a 2-stroke engine can throw my way. I convinced my wife that I NEEDED an RC vehicle (the hardest part!) and she obliged. Got an HSP tyrannosaurus 1:10 coming my way this week. I know it's not the best brand, but I'm sure I can have some fun with it. I found my way here after finding this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkzpdZGGXPM After having a read here, you all seem pretty decent people. Hope to glean plenty of knowledge here.