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    It does seem like it in some spots I haven't ventured out of my trailer park other than work and the store. Hopefully this summer I'll be able to scope the area out and find potential spots.
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    Small world haha. Cape cod was nice its pretty disgusting now. Too many drugs that is the plus to being high up in the mountains if there's anything going on I don't hear it and I like it that way. Acer I love your builds man I've seen quite a few keep up the awesome cars
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    We already took apart the ESC to keep the wires so the warranty will be no good also its a 2 great old truck I bought off ebay. I bought my dad a new one and me a used one go figure lol. And I'm not liking nh I was from cape cod which I guess its better I'm in the mountains so there is less people but also less to do. There's always room for adventure though. And I will absolutely post builds as I go. I'm jumping in head first and spending money as I get it haha. I'd rather spend on the rc stuff though it last longer than any other hobby I've been into. Thanks again guys
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    Hey guys new to the forum. Just got back into the hobby haven't been into it since I was a kid. Figured it would be a good start in spending time with my dad. So as start we have a traxxas 2wd stampede that i bought 5 years ago and don't like so I gave it my dad when they moved to new Hampshire. Last month I bought myself and him 1/16 e revos(my Merv already blew up the ESC on a day under 20 degrees go figure will be looking for a esc). Its a decent car I like it but I dont. Next month I will be buying a hpi savage xs flux and a traxxas 1/16 rally roller that I am going to build in to a rally drifter. Sorry for the long post thanks for the forum everyone look forward to reading the builds.