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  1. Decrepit Ol...umm, I Mean = New Guy

    Does anyone live in AZ ? I like in N.E. Phx almost Cave Creek.
  2. Decrepit Ol...umm, I Mean = New Guy

    Thx guys, I don't know how to operate this place or I would "set my txt" as I have on boards I no longer visit. Good to know about the people here, I'm sure RJ has come to his wits with all my questions.
  3. I tend not to sign up for forums and have asked many I am one to delete me, but RJ has always been helpful, and tolerant of my ignorance and rampant questions. I use to mess with RC things as a teen, now I am over 40 and starting again, so everything is new & I don't have a clue. Just a note; thought Some of the groups I have surfed by; I noticed a snobbishness/prejudiceness towards; brands, scale, genre, grade, suppliers, type, etc, etc. Almost cliquish. Even going from hobby store to another, I see it. Rather it be "toy grade", or thousands spent on scratch builds, simple $40 planes to over a g spent on one that does everything or just a 3 channel, a 10 dollar boat or a 4' FG gasser, from dime store choppers to helis that cost more than a used suv, Tanks, subs, buggies, truggies, trucks, scalers, drift, tour, sct, crawlers, etc. Kinda makes you/me feel like trash if they think your stuff is crap and if they think you have a lot of money invested, seems as if they wonder wtf do you do and why did you do it or even are ya out of your mind spending that. Double edge sword no matter what way you look. Just something I was thinking about lately... I personally have a little of everything, always looking, buying (when I can), selling, trading. About me personally? just ask,,,,, I am an open book, if I don't think it can get me in trouble. Thx for having me, I am sure I will irritate someone soon enough.