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  1. Saying Hi, And Showing My Bitz

    OK, time for some pics, and I think the first thing many will notice will be the stock losi pipe on the Alpha engine, not ideal i know, but at the moment, its better than the stock 350 engine. Its still only about half way through breakin, 9 tanks on it so far, and end point set to just a touch over 50% throttle at the moment, and this thing seems to have as much balls as the losi engine at full tilt, im impressed by its performance, and cant wait to see what its like when its fully run in and i can lean the thing off a bit, as it is right now, its got a james bond smoke screen rolling out the pipe, and still hauls ass lol. So thats my Losi, Gen III radio tray should be turning up sometime next week, then in the future, ill be switching to so Hitek servos, and LiPo receiver pack, and then ill get the Alu chassis braces and top plate, along with the steering servo and bellcrank arms, and at some point some TLR shock towers. After that im undecided on Alu hub carriers and such maybe a set of inclined ones on the front, just have to see, ill probably get some, but have to see if i like them before i leave them on. And i do maybe plan on racing, i have been to a track on a practice day to see what i think, and the guys there were encouraging me to join up and come have a race. I said maybe after more practice, and his response was, for someone thats only been on the track a few times, your not too bad, i said, no, this is my first time here, and then he said i should definately come and race lol. I think he was just mosty talking about the fact that i wasnt running into stuff and turning the wrong way all the time i guess, because except for one corner, i was way slower than everything else there, but it was great fun, so now im just looking forward to getting the new mill broken in and getting back out there for another go.
  2. Hey, so I'm new here, and this is the place to say hi to everyone, and I figure while im here, show my stuff (When my camera charges anyway) But in the mean time, ill start with me, Just turned 30, and just bought a losi 8ight (Midlife crisis?) It took a bit of convincing by the guy at the hobby store, i wanted LiPo, I just thought nitro would be too much hassle, but I got convinced, I handed over my card, and walked out with an 8ight 2.0, starter kit, and some fuel. Lucky for me, the boss man there was on smoko, and he spent his smoko break showing me how to start, what to do to run it in, etc. So off i went, found somewhere quiet to run it in, and play around for a bit, and i was hooked. Since then, the engine was run in, i had a good tune on it, all was going well, then i let my brother have a go... less than a minute later the car was back in its bag, broken rear hub carrier Online order for new hub carrier, while i was there, i picked up a new body shell, front and rear adjustable hingepin carriers, and a high downforce wing. That all turned up last week, I fitted the hingepin carriers, and the the broken bit, then went for a drive across town to the track to have a go on a track, and yep, i liked that, made me decide that id want to upgrade the motor sooner rather than later after seeing how much difference there was from mine to what was on the track. While at the track i destroyed my clutch shoes, so ive since ordered a new 4 shoe clutch setup, gen III radio tray, and some new ceramic clutch bell bearings. While waiting for that to turn up, i went to my hobby store to see if they had anything that fit so i could run this weekend, but nope, so i got something close that i could possibly make fit, and then happened to spot an alpha ryan lutz worlds edition on the shelf, and yep, walked out with that as well. So right now, my setup is, Losi 8ight 2.0 RTR, adjustable Front & rear hingepin carriers, and alpha lutz worlds edition motor, i cant wait till i finish running it in Anyway, thats me for now, ill post pictures when battery on camera is at more than 2%
  3. The Official Introductions Thread

    Hi everyone, new here, and fairly new to the hobby (Had a Super Hornet II when i was a kid lol) But seeing a vid on youtube gave me the bug again. Started by spending $200 on crap from hong kong that broke pretty much the first time i ran it, then paying a visit to my local hobby shop to see what spares i could get, and walked out $1000 poorer with a Losi 8ight 2.0 RTR and all the required accessories lol Now im just waiting on some spares to turn up before i can run again (dont let your little brother play with your buggy lol)