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  1. New Guy Here

    Sweet as boys! throw up a build/show-off thread! we wanna see!
  2. New From Australia

    I don't think i can enter that photo man haha
  3. New From Australia

    Thanks for the kind words just wondering where to post and start threads concerning the Axial Exo in general. Might want to throw up some pics of my build or what not
  4. New From Australia

    I might be able to go in the photo comp next month when i paint my shell for my Exo where can i find threads on the Exo terra?
  5. New From Australia

    Thanks man, here is my work bench and my full scale 4WD
  6. New From Australia

    Forgot to mention that i found this forum because i have been buying bits from thetoyz.com store
  7. Hey guys, Im not new to forums, but I'm new to this one, Im also on R/C Tech, but its been slow... :S Anyway, waiting on an Axial Exo Terra to arrive in the mail, i also have an SCX10 and a HPI Mini Recon (i have no idea why i bought this rc) and an XTM Rage (too fast for its own good) Hoping to find some threads on the Exo because I'm new to electric (i used to run nitro), but I'm not into racing just bashing.... I have 2450 acres 2 hours outside of Melbourne Vic where i bash my R/C's the most. Thanks for Reading Bunce.