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  1. New Guy From Texas

    Thanks. I didn't realize I had so many till I wrote them all down. Where is the best place to post pics of them?
  2. New Guy From Texas

    Thanks for all the welcomes! I am into all kinds of offroad rc stuff and some vintage. I raced back in the mid 80's when I was 13 or 14. I has a goldpan rc10 that bought with my lawn mowing money. I sold everything in my teen years and just got back into rc in 2012. I thought I wanted to race again so I bought a 1/8 buggy. I raced 2 times and decided it was not for me. So lately I have been selling my racing stuff and buying fun stuff. I have gotten addicted and have way too much now Here is a list of what I currently have.: Savage Flux XL HPI Super Flux SC Tamiya TXT 1 ---stock Tamya TXT 1 ---brushless Clodbuster W/ CPE Terminator carbon fiber chassis RC10 goldpan A stamp like new HPI MT4 monster truck HPI RS4 electric on road RC10t Team Truck Rc10T4.1 truck Repaper Customs sand rail RC4WD sand rail origional Midnight Pumpkin HotBodies D8 Hara edition w/Tekno v4 electric conversion-------for sale HotBodies VE8 w/ Tekno v4 conversion ---- for sale HPI Vorza Axial SCX10 Losi Micro trai trekker Losi Mini 8 Losi Mini 8 converted to truggy Vaterra Kalahari And on the way to me now --- The built by Squirrel Digger Toys for Tots truck!
  3. New Guy From Texas

    Hello all, I was referred here by a few members of Rctech that are also members of TheToyz forums. I just purchased the Toys for Tots 2012 Grave Digger from a guy on rctech. I will be posting pics when I receive it. I have been back in to rc since the beginning of 2012. I followed Squirrels build on youtube from beginning to end. I also purchased some raffle tickets. I recently sold some of my rc stuff so I decided I had to have the truck. Hope it is still in good condition. Maybe I can make a running video when I get it.