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  1. South Florida Scaler

    Very nice indeed lol. I always love seeing the wire chassis and then the chassis with everything on it!
  2. Saying Hi, And Showing My Bitz

    welcome man! Sounds like you got yourself a nice setup! I also wanted that losi. Opted out due to it costing too much for me at that moment. (I'm the baby of the forum at 16). This forum is knowledgeable and very friendly. Make yourself at home bud! Now to see that buggy! Oh and do you plan on racing?
  3. Would Like To Post Pics But Cant

    1. Upload to photobucket/Other image hosting site 2. Click the little link button then copy the link thats meant for message boards or forums 3. Paste link anywhere onto the post where you want the picture. 4. Rule the Forums.
  4. New From Australia

    Slap a 7955 on the gas and steering wheel and tiss an rc!
  5. Just Rolling In From Florida

    Thanks for all the welcomes! Anyone from around South Florida? That can point me to a good Track and Shop ( I have one i've gone to before just want to check others out )
  6. Just Rolling In From Florida

    Yea thanks guys! I'm hoping to get my rustler into good condition, it'll most likely be my test dummy car while i learn to "Rc". I wanna learn as much as possible before i go out and purchase my On-road That way ill have a Revo for a monster truck/tank, a racing buggy and a racing On-road. Although i probably wont do much racing for a while
  7. Hey forum, i was brought here after watching a good majority of Squirrel's videos, i decided joining the community where the guy is teaching me is from would best suit my interests and would help me improve my experiences! Anyways, I watched my brother race Cars and stuff when i was a wee boy, now i decided to indulge in the world myself. I have a rustler that i ran a couple times in the front yard, left unatended for over 3 years I was given a brand new Revo last year by a friend's dad also. I hope to one day learn all the lingo and talk of rc and learn to enjoy the hobby as much as possible. Thanks for the welcome!