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  1. I just picked up a used exceed hyperspeed buggy and the previous owner smashed the front end pretty good. I'm having trouble finding parts now but read there are some part compatibility with traxxas, hpi etc. Anyone know how I could find out which parts? Or any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Did you try the traxxas website for blown up views?
  3. I was thinking the samething as you and almost went for the housing. Tried the diff cup and so far no issues at all. But let us know how you make out.
  4. I have the nitro version so I cant comment on the lipo problem. For the diffs you could try the aluminum diff cups. Put one in my 3.3 revo and never had a problem since. Or I believe traxxas has some upgraded diffs as well. They use some small metal brackets on the inside if I remember correctly. Here is the thread I have on the Hot racing diff cups - http://forums.thetoyz.com/index.php?showtopic=55521
  5. Well said ^^
  6. No I just let it slide for now lol
  7. I was just curious because I saw that pipe on ebay used for cheap. Still 46 min left lol. I havent looked much into exhausts yet.
  8. Does anyone know if this will work with a Traxxas Revo with OS .21TM? https://www.sitegidget.com/itechapp/admin/checkout/?storeid=1531&prodid=38000&storereferer=http://www.thsracing.com/18-cartrucks.html
  9. So painting isnt my thing lol. I dont have the patience for it. I will stick to powder coating. Couple of pics. Just need to get some eclips and should be done. Will then find a lipo and charger and install the CC SV3 3800kv combo.
  10. Yes they are. This truck came with a few goodies already which i was happy to see.
  11. Nothing fancy just some painted parts. Slowly getting back to the reassemble stage. They even glow nicely under a black light. Yes, my keyboard is disgusting lol.
  12. Why thank you ups man....Still getting the chassis painted and then the aluminum parts will be stripped and powder coated
  13. Ordered a few more goodies and hoping to see them early next week. Not sure if I want to just buy a new back aluminum piece or just use the old one. But it will be getting stripped and powder coated either way.
  14. How did you guess that heh
  15. Plan was to just clean it up, get a brushless motor and have a little fun with it. Well that has just changed lol. I got this far attempting to clean it and was like wait a minute. Why not paint and powder coat what I can lol. So it begins. Any aluminum will be powder coated and the rest will probably get some rattle can paint. This will probably be the true test machine for how the powder holds up so Im not going for perfection. more pics to come.