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  1. The only issues I personally have had with the axles (and the same axles on other Traxxas vehicles) is when people put them back together wrong.... The splined shafts are actually keyed (one wider spline) and won't slide properly if not lined up properly... Nearly every used Traxxas vehicle I've gotten has had this issue....
  2. She filthy and due for a teardown, but here's a pic of mine... I just painted the stock body Satin Black on the outside and I think it looks a lot better.....
  3. I have a Summit and I haven't broken anything on it yet, pretty well built IMO. Of course, I'm still running the stock brushed motor/esc, it may not hold up as well to that Mamba.... And yes, it's essentially a lifted ERevo with locking diffs. The original tires are usable, but not great. It sounds like you've already got tire situation handled though... I would think any body that'd fit a Revo would work on the Summit, might have change/modify the mounts, but that's pretty standard whenever you switch bodies.
  4. So, still haven't gotten around to installing the BEC... But I saw a few Bombers online with aluminum panels, so I decided to try my hand at making my own, and though I'd share the process.... Original Bomber side panel: Blue masking tape laid over the panel. Overlapped each strip by about 50% so they'd stay together properly when removed: Masking tape template trimmed to match the original panel: When removing the tape, you have to make sure and start with the bottom-most strip, so it will pull up the others without coming apart: Template laid out on a sheet of aluminum, a side panel from a scrapped aluminum computer case: Then I trimmed out the rough shape with a pair of aircraft shears: Then a close trim, again with aircraft shears. Second picture highlights a curve I couldn't cut with the shears...: Used a combination of a dremel sanding drum and various small files to clean up the edges and get that one tight curve: Tape template removed: Bent in the back section of the panel (using the edge of our countertop in the kitchen) and installed on the Bomber: It isn't perfectly straight, but I think looks more "hand fabricated" and therefore more authentic... I've made both side panels and the roof so far. I haven't tackled the hood yet, because I haven't decided whether to make a basic one with 3 bends (like everything I've seen online), or go nuts and try and copy the stock shape/bends by cutting individual sections and soldering them together.....
  5. Still having brown out issues when under full servo load for more than few seconds, so I went ahead and picked up a CC BEC, will update when I get it installed.
  6. Updated pics, started messing with the details, lol.
  7. Yeah, I have plenty of go-fasts, this is intended to scratch the crawler itch so the moderate speeds it's capable of now are more than enough. Clamping aluminum horn is in the mail, will hopefully get here before the weekend....
  8. Took it out for a bit of crawling yesterday, and stripped the servo horn on the first tumble... So it looks like the cheap plastic servo horn is the first upgrade, lol.
  9. It's alive! Turns out I didn't have to use a second cap after all. The wires from the servo were too short to make it into the RX box on their own, so I had to add about a 2" extension. After adding the extension, it works fine, no more RX cutting out. I'm guessing adding another 2" of wire (about a 50% increase) brought the resistance up enough to drop the amperage to a level the ESC's BEC can handle (with the help of that giant capacitor). Ran it out in my yard for about 30 minutes with no issues. Also realized I forgot to take pics of wiring/electronics before....
  10. Oh, and they also don't fit in the radio box, lol
  11. So, it's better, but not fixed. I can steer back and forth constantly for about 10 seconds, then the RX drops out. I have 2 of these caps though, so I'm gonna try 2 in parallel, which should give me 13600uF total capacitance. If that won't cut it, it's going to have to be a BEC.
  12. Salvaged 10V 6800uF Capacitor, wire and plug salvaged from old servo: Wires soldered on: Heat-shrink done and ready to go:
  13. I wonder if one of these guys will work?
  14. Lol, sorry if that was TMI.... I was pretty doped up on Morphine... None of our LHS' have any BECs, so I'm going to go out to my work in a bit and see if I can scavenge a larger capacitor to build a bigger glitch buster, lol... I previously tried a 16v 2700uF, we'll see if I can find something bigger....
  15. So, I was going to try and get a BEC from my LHS this evening, but I ended up in the hospital last night, multiple kidney stones. Going in for surgery in an hour and a half, but it's with a scope (no cutting) so I will be back at home this evening. Will try and get a BBC and thus back on track tomorrow, lol Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk