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  3. I've been coming to these forums for a while for information, and thought I would go ahead and introduce myself. My name's Jeff and I live in Medford, OR, which is right by the border with California. I've been into RC vehicles (on and off) since about 1988, but have only recently begun messing around with Nitro RCs. So here's the interesting stuff, my current collection: Tamiya TA04-S: This is the RC I have had the longest. Bought the kit while stationed in Germany, and it has gone through many iterations since then. I think the only original parts are the diff housings and the control arms, lol. In the pictures it still needs the electronics reinstalled and the body mounted, and I will be replacing the wheels with something nicer. Tamiya Manta Ray: This is probably the oldest RC I own, but I've only had it for a year or two. Just finished fixing it up. New body, some replacement parts, and a new motor and ESC. Traxxas Revo: Picked this up on Craigslist for cheap. It was in rough shape when I got it, and I've been slowly piecing it back together. Losi 1/18th Rock Crawler: Fun little thing I picked up from a friend. RC10GT2 RS: Bought with a seized motor, thankfully it was just gelled fuel. Was able to clean it out and get it running again. Traxxas Stampede: Fun, (relatively) cheap truck to bash around.