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  1. Ran it yesterday and man those tires either it's the traction on them or the weight but my hs-7950th servo with 403oz of torque wouldnot turn them while on the ground.....lol Tore it up though whoo they are sweet
  2. Me too....have only seen them in the 2.2 for the longest time saw them in 40 series and was like........mine...lol
  3. Thanks, hope to take her out and run it this weekend.
  4. New tires
  5. Got my new shoes yesterday. Wider than the trenchers weigh about the same though and look really cool lol.
  6. Yeah I don't know either I've never seen on that bad either. Unless I'm putting to much in there. instructions say put on 2 cc of there fluid Im thinking it to much. I'm using a syringe and some fuel tubing and inserting in on the high speed needle. I think it's to much and I'm. Gunna forgo the instructions and just put in a little bit. And should I put after run oil in every time I'm done for the day? Or just on Sunday for the week till next weekend or just if I don't plan to run it for a month or so?
  7. Ok so I got another tank through it 2 heat cycles got it over 200 drove it shut it down put the piston at the bottom. Well I pulled the glow plug and it looked like this um that doesn't look good and why does it look like that? Is It cause I'm in break in and it's really rich?
  8. Oh man I would love to have an ercm modded picco with the ercm pipe. Managed to do a double post...lol
  9. Ok I'm trying the heat cycle method heard it was good and I get to drive it around too..lol. only problem is it says to get it to over 200° but with as rich as the stock settings are I have trouble with that. Thank you for all the advise man really appreciate it.
  10. Oh did I say lrp..my mistake it's a picco..lol. I had an lrp .28 sec 3 I think it was. man that engine sucked wouldn't tune at all. And yep I sealed it too. Temps up to 300 even with the high and low speed needles were richened out passed housing. even sent it in to have it looked at said it was a bad carb but even when I got it back it still wouldn't tune won't buy another one. Bought my picco and never looked back.lol Yeah I'm still taking it easy for at least a fee more tanks, before I let her rip lol. I'm bit real sure how many the guy I bought it from said the guy he bought it from only put a couple of tanks throw it. About how many is good to have through before you can do some tuning? I'm sure it veryies.
  11. Thanks hope take her out again this weekend. Maybe do a little tuning just a little it's only got 4 tanks or so through it that I know of. Then maybe get it dirty...lol.
  12. Thanks...OFNA 086
  13. Well got it together and started the in progress break in..lol. it's got more pep then my other picco and this motor isn't fully broke in either strange. New Project picco break in:
  14. I managed to double it lol
  15. Well finally got more done, was wondering though is there a way to clean out the inside of the fuel tank? I don't know what's in there but it's green and there seems to be alot of excess oil in there. Well got the new motor mount And do these still have life left? Also found a better place for the voltage regulator/cutoff.