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  1. I didnt realize the pede 4x4 has been out since 12' lol. You have a nice looking rig though.
  2. What size spur? Factory or?
  3. Any update on this yet?
  4. The one I ran for a few minutes had to have an A arm replaced, after I replaced it, the owner told me to run it for a few minutes.
  5. lol true that.
  6. It's strictly a short course RC, which is one of the reason I miss my Redcat Rampage MT.
  7. The 5sc was around $1100 you can find them used about $600 for a stock one, and then sell all the gasser stuff for around $400(which is what I did. I have a total of $75 into my electric conversion). We're both agreeing the X-Maxx is a okay deal, it could be better and it could be worse.
  8. 5T's are no longer made. You can get one cheaper than an X-Maxx. I think you're searching for the 5iveT which is made by Losi.
  9. Going into it from a perspective of perhaps of someone that has never seen a 5th scale or ran an electric 5th scale(??) I can see that the X-Maxx would be wonderful. That being said, most all I own are 5th scales, and electric converted 5th scales, and the X maxx is a little smaller than 5th scale. To properly see what the X-Maxx can do, a 5th scale set up in it would be night and day, instead Traxxas stuck an 8th scale motor and esc in it. I dont see why, seeing as they have the contract with Castle still to use their ESC's and motors, just a lot more grunt for the size of the RC. The servo works yes but again, the size and weight of the X-Maxx... they could have went with a bigger servo, I know.. stock is 365oz I believe and does the job, my 5T has a larger oz servo and is the same size case wise( custom mount) as the X maxx, maybe I am just used to having 611oz of power. Does the factory system do the job at hand, yes. Could it be better, Yes. I'd love to see a roller for sale someday.
  10. I ran one of these yesterday. So much room for improvement as far as electronics go.
  11. To run Alza's CD mount and a center diff? I have never seen a nitro run a center diff but it probably could be done, all it's doing is replacing the trans. You can still run the motor plate but with electric, it would limit the can size. We'll see in a few weeks when I have a Savage 4.6... ugh I hate that thought already lol.
  12. The Alza Center Diff kit is just a mount, no diff is included. You can use pretty much any center diff with the proper tooth count. As for parts... you shouldn't need any but if you do Alza is European based so things will take a bit of time to get to you. The Savage forum has many a threads about the CD conversion, and the guy that owns ALZA is a member there. http://shop.alza-racing.com/parts/58-center-differential-kit.html there is the direct link to the CD mount.
  13. Basically the quick and easy answer Flux trans(or convert the nitro one) Flux motor clamps & base plate Flux BP diffs Flux battery boxes & mounts You might need Flux TVP's too but I am not sure on this. OR Alza Racing center diff mount and a standard CD. And then you wouldnt need to mess with a trans, motor plate and motor clamps..( I am thinking of going this route on my Flux HP just to run a 5th scale motor)
  14. Exceed in general is not really a good brand, maybe they've changed since a few years back. I'm totally just saying what I've heard though, I've never even saw one in person.
  15. Hmm, I wonder if that J concepts body would fit my CRT.5... hmm.