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  1. Hey everyone, new here and new to RC. I live in central VA. Two of my friends had bought a rustler 2.5 and jato 3.3 so naturally it got me wanting a nitro rc. After searching around I found that I really liked the look of the shortcourse trucks and just happened to see the TLR Ten-SCT Nitro was on sale so I jumped on it. I've been watching a bunch of Squirrel's video which is how i came across this forum. Just looking to learn as much about nitro rc as I can and even some tips and parts that would be worth upgrading on my Ten-SCT Nitro. So far I've add the Losi 3 Shoe Clutch, RPM Front/Rear Bumpers, Jconcepts Choppers, and have on order: large Losi fuel tank, sway bar kit, and front/rear shock spring kits. Just from searching around it seems info on these are hard to find since it doesn't look like there is a lot of interest in nitro shortcourse trucks. I've thought about racing, but it doesn't look there is really any nitro shortcourse racing here is VA so this will mainly just be something fun to play with and maybe hit up the local dirt track about 45mins from me with my friends once it starts to warm up.