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  1. Just Arrived

    traded this for it. 97 Haro Group 1 Ali - all original on a side note, i did get some nitro in the mail yesterday, so i was able to start it. runs really good... can't wait to drive it, it's killing me.
  2. Just Arrived

    i'd really like to answer that question, but i haven't been able to drive it yet. nitro will be here today, batteries have arrived and are charged, but a crystal was mistakenly left out so i had to order a set and they won't be here until thursday at the earliest. oh well, i guess i'll have to let you know next week. i can say, however, that the build quality and layout is fantastic.
  3. Just Arrived

    It's had 3 tanks of break in, and that's it. a couple more tanks and it will be ready to go. I haven't started it yet, as I'm still waiting for nitro and batteries to arrive, but it got here yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Especially since I traded a really nice bike for it.
  4. The Official Introductions Thread

    hey guys, another noooob here. my first nitro car ever with be arriving later this week, and i found this forum after doing some research and finding squirrels vids on youtube. i look forward to learning a ton about rc's and hopefully keeping the addiction to a minimum (i also collect/ride BMX and that addiction has gotten out of control). the good news is i've been a member of many different types of forums and make it a habit to use search before asking, but that doesn't mean you won't see a bunch of noob questions from me in the future, so please be patient. alright, thanks for the great site.