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  1. New Candadian Member Here!!

    Welcome to TheToyz eh? I'm also from Canada and also from north of the gta too!
  2. Hi from the cold upnorth

    Welcome to The Toyz my friend and enjoy!
  3. new from england

    Welcome, welcome, welcome.......pictures please.
  4. Howdy from the A.C.T

    Welcome to The Toyz, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
  5. Me, Myself and me

    Welcome friend, sit back and enjoy.
  6. The Official Introductions Thread

    Hey Matty welcome man, it's only the best rc forum on the planet eh, glad you can join us.....enjoy. :lol:
  7. Welcome Looped Designs, a nicer group of people will be hard to find, not too mention all very knowlegeable when it comes to anything r/c. :D
  8. Newbie from Poland

    Radek Welcome to TheToyz, enjoy my friend. If you look under r/c trade and for sale you might find what you are looking for.
  9. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome, welcome to a place that just rocks, we love our r/c's and pic's and you will just freak at the amount of knowlege here, and best of all "No flaming, no drama and no bs!" Enjoy! :D ;)
  10. New guy here

    Welcome aboard Brandon, I like so many others learned much from Squirrel's videos and also learned about this wonderful forum. Enjoy and we look forward to many posts and pictures from you my friend.
  11. Newest Newbie.

    Welcome Dirtneck, you have entered the R/C zone......things here are layed back so please enjoy.....or else....lol just joking.
  12. Hello from Indiana

    Welcome, sit down and relax and have a good read, I think you will find this a pleasing crowd to hang out with. And may I be the first to say pictures are welcome we all love to see what people are driving!!
  13. hi

    Welcome to The Toyz my friend, enjoy this amazing forum and all the wonderful people here. You will knowlege about anything rc, no bs, and an amazing willingness to share their info!!!
  14. hi everyone

    Welcome hhutson, post a question or a comment, it's all good......you've arrived at the best r/c forum ever!!!!
  15. Hi

    Eddie, Welcome to The Toyz, it's great to have you here.