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  1. Forum Problem

    Just means that on your computer you were zoomed out pretty far. That's your computer/settings, not the forum . Welcome!
  2. A very humble return

    Welcome back man! Good to see you around again and hear from you, look forward to seeing you around again!
  3. I'm new, I'm new

    Welcome Austin, glad you joined us Don't be shy to go around and ask questions when you need to. Got any pics of your rides? -Mike
  4. Hello The Toyz

    heh look at that im famous and didn't even know it :P JK welcome to the toyz...you'll love this place
  5. hello from Olathe, KS

    Welcome man...everyone is real friendly here so do be sure to ask questions and post pics of the revo! I love what you did on that body with the stripes and the light bar...looks great
  6. The Official Introductions Thread

    LOL, we got you covered in the water department welcome!
  7. Just sayin hi

    pictures pictures pictures pictures !!!!!!
  8. Heyo From Chicago

    Hey man whereabouts Chicago are you? I live 30 mins north...
  9. hi everyone

    hey man i'm pretty new here too, but welcome anyway
  10. Thanks Cow

    Hey Cow, I just bought your moo-slick and duster the other day, and I'm speechless. You packed over twice the amount of aerosol for the cheapest price I have seen, and your stuff has been working really well for me. I even pulled an extra 3 mph with the moo slick on my Rustler VXL! Keep doing what you do. You make awesome stuff. Many thanks, Mike