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    Anything Electronic usually interests me. RC's obviously are near the top of this list. I work in IT and love working with computers. Building, repairing.. whatever it may be. I also enjoy watching Dirt Track racing. My favorite local track is Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, PA. I've been attending for over 25 years!
  1. New and to site.

    Welcome to The Toyz! I hope you enjoy your stay, as we have a lot of great members and tons of information regarding most every RC imaginable! To best answer your question, may I suggest looking in the section of the forum that matches the type of vehicle you are getting? You can always put a post up in that section as you will probably get a quicker response from those that frequent that area. However, the one thing you will want to check is the compression of the engine itself. Also, remember to check all of the screws to make sure they are properly tightened... don't want to have pieces falling off while you're running! Squirrel has a bunch of videos on Youtube going over many common and not so common issues that you may be having, I highly recommend checking those out when you have some time! As far as the radio goes, the Tactic 2.4ghz system is a great value and can be found for under $70 shipped. The nice thing about 2.4ghz systems is that you don't have to worry about crystals, or interfering with other radios! Please feel free to ask all the questions you want, we have a great community that will be willing and able to help you get the answers you require!
  2. A very humble return

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome! I have to get some pics up soon of the new ride, as well as some of from my other projects. Just need the weather to break for more than just 1 day so that I can get caught up on everything! lol It was awesome to come back here and see the same faces (plus many many more) and see that the integrity of this site has NOT changed at all. Love it, love it, love it!
  3. help me please

    Welcome to the Toyz, Frankie! I did a quick search on Traxxas.com and found the following link for the Trx 15 manual: http://www.traxxas.com/products/nitro/trx1...GINE-MANUAL.pdf This should contain everything you need to know about that engine. Also, make sure you post any future questions on engines in the Nitro Engines section. You'll get a much quicker and more accurate response! Sorry, I would have made it a link, but my forum skills are lacking at the moment!
  4. A very humble return

    Thanks guys! Yes, sometimes it takes major events in ones life to snap you back to reality! However, as you mentioned Les, I have definitely grown from this experience. It's sometimes hard to see what you're doing without that 3rd person perspective. Fortunately everything has worked out so far and I am looking forward to a good return. I am also working midnight shift this week which only means I am responsible for emergency calls... otherwise I get to sit here and do whatever (surfing the web at the moment). So, I'm using this time to look up what vehicle will be shipping soon! Just got done watching some of Dog's mini slash vids... hmm... looks like a contender already!
  5. A very humble return

    Well... some of you may remember me from about a year ago. I was on here quite a bit, and started to become one with the website and hobby. This is where the problem arose for me. The hobby sucked me in and the great atmosphere of this forum started to become my 2nd home. It was only a short matter of time until I practically made this my first home. Unfortunately this caused me great problems at home and at work. All I could think about was RC and being involved in this great community. However the events that shortly followed opened my eyes... My wife and I started to fight and become more distant, this never happened in any of our previous years of marriage. I quickly became so wrapped up in the hobby that I spent all of my spare time, and even started putting off real projects and work to do anything I could with the hobby. Next it was starting to impact our bank account (who hasn't had this problem???). My wife is usually very easy about things and lets me do just about whatever I want to do. At this point, I feel I took too much advantage of a good thing and almost had to pay dearly for it. Talks about divorce started coming up and I knew I didn't want that, or have to deal with any type of temporary separation. So, the day came where my wife and I sat down and discussed things. It started with me quitting RC cold turkey for a year, or a little less with good behavior. Being that we're a pretty tech savvy family, she also made me add a few rules to our firewall that would not permit any of our computers from going on to a select group of RC related websites, the Toyz being the first one on the list. I did not see this coming but agreed to it as it was her #1 request. I was unable to really warn anyone or at least give my good byes ... this hurt dearly as I had made some really great friends here. Maybe had I been thinking more clearly, I would have pleaded to at least sign on one more time to do this... but alas I did not. After setting the firewall rules, I then had to pack away all of my RC related items and put them into storage, where I promised not to touch until I was given the ok.. Well, I'm here today to say that I have served my sentence and have been given the green flag to get back into the hobby. We have worked out many problems over the last year and actually have a stronger marriage. Part of the reason why I was getting so wrapped up in the hobby was due to the fact that my wife and I were rarely at home together at the same time. We needed the time together to fix some underlying issues as well as the obvious ones. I also noticed in just a few short hours how many new products are out and how much I have to read up on! It truly is a pleasure to be back and hopefully I can reunite with some of those friends who probably thought I was gone for good. In an act of good faith, my wife has even let me pick out a new RC, which I'll be making my choice within the next few days... have a lot to catch up on first! Besides, I have to get the other RC's out of storage and see what all needs done to them to get them back running! I only had a few tanks into my Jato when I had to put it away... never really had a chance to get to know it. For those who read all of this, I thank you. For those who didn't, i don't blame you... as usual I am long winded. However I needed to get this out there. Feel free to pm me or send me an email if you'd like. It would be good to catch up! Thank you --Josh
  6. new to nitro world and love every bit

    Welcome to TheToyz! Have to love the smell of nitro!
  7. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome to TheToyz! Glad to have you guys here, so kick back and make yourself at home! Be sure to post any pics that you may have, we love pics around here!!!

    It's great to see people getting back into the hobby! I took a break myself and wish I had never left! Glad to have you guys here! Make yourself at home and ask any questions you may have! Plus, if you haven't figured it out yet, we're picture crazy around here! We just LOVE them!
  9. New to the forums

    Welcome to TheToyz! That's a pretty nice collection! Also nicely taken care of! Enjoy your stay and make yourself at home!
  10. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome to TheToyz, gents! Please enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to ask any questions! Plus, post any pics you have of your RC's, we can't get enough of them!
  11. New guy here

    Welcome to TheToyz! Glad to have you! Like Venom said, TheToyz.com is a great place to order from! Quick shipping and great service!

    Welcome Gents! Glad to have you on TheToyz! You'll find tons of information and lots of friendly people! Enjoy your stay! Hey Hey Hey, Once you've replied to one post, you are then able to create your own post. And since you've replied to this post, you're free and ready to do just that!
  13. New Member!!

    Welcome to TheToyz, rcjunior! Like the others have mentioned, ask all the questions you want! We will do our best to get you the answers you need! Be sure to post up some pictures of your rig, as we LOVE Pics around here!

    Welcome Gents! Tons of information and lots of great people make this place the best RC Forum out there! Enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to ask any questions! P.S. - We LOVE Pics around here!
  15. New here !!!

    Welcome Naxy! Glad to have you as a member and nice to see another Nitro guy! There's tons of information at your disposal, and if you don't see it just ask! Lots of great people with some fantastic knowledge! Make yourself at home!