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  1. The Official Introductions Thread

    Oh yes! Will post them up today with some vids maybe. It's been my obsession the past 2 years.
  2. The Official Introductions Thread

    So been a member here for years, but haven't posted in years aswell so I figured I might as well reintroduce myself. I'm Canadian, love all things rc related, and would happily help with anything any of the members or mods/admins may need be it rc related or what have you. Currently big into multirotors now owning about 8 of them, and having built about twice that amount. Currently waiting on some parts to build a new tricopter as I type this. Ofcourse, also into land rc's having owned dozens of those, and currently building a highly upgraded monster truck that I once owned when I first got into rc stuff. Got rid of it a long time ago, and have regreted it since. This one I'm keeping! Lol. Anyways, that should be enough about me. Heh. Hope to post here as much as possible. -Chris
  3. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome! This really is a family hobby! Our whole family is now into it in less than a year! Good luck with the acl! I had my acl repaired last year! Painful it is, but after surgery, and physio you be as good as new! The damn artheritis is painful though at times, but its better then poping a knee out every week! Get well soon friend!
  4. The Official Introductions Thread

    You've come to the right place, ask around these guys know their shhhhhh.... and welcome to the best rc forum on the planet.... no for realzies!!
  5. Thank you to Squirrel

    Damn! Now I feel cheap! And to think I was doing good drinkin Gibson's Rye Whiskey!
  6. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome, everyone! WOW! Didn't think this thread would be around still... Keep it going guys, and keep this place growing!
  7. New 2 The Site......Pics of my RC's

    Tis my mortal enemy! Cue the metal music! Very nice riggs! I too have a dirty obsession with the big wheels! Welcome to the boards! ... AVS RULE!! SAVE THE OCTOPI! LMAO
  8. The Official Introductions Thread

    See!! This could definately be an official Intro thread!!
  9. The Official Introductions Thread

    Darn! I thought I had made good on a first thread... Oh well! Oh Don't you worry, I plan to post pics, and hopefully some vids too! Ya, the Lunchbox is definately fun, but I feel it's overprised for what you get in quality! Definately a nice looking thing though!
  10. I just didn't feel the need to add yet another intro topic to this part of the forum simply to introduce myself, and figured why not make a dedicated thread for the topic! Anyways, maybe a mod can pin this thread! I guess I'll start... I'm a super noob to the hobby! My brother got himself a Tamiya Lunchbox last week, and he let me take it for a spin.... hook, line, and sinker! I loved it!! So much that I ordered myself an RC yesterday! Soon to be the proud owner of a 1/18 scale LOSI Mini Desert Truck! Hopefully it will be just as much fun!! Anyways, I hope to make my stay here a long one as I get more involved in the hobby! Take Care, TTFN! -r00st3r