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  1. bra... not active since june 4th.. dang man. jeeps been keeping you busy.

  2. new to nitro world and love every bit

    Nice to meet ya Greysrbad!!!
  3. New to the forums

    Welcome Aaidan glad to have you!!!
  4. New guy here

    Welcome Brandon this place has been great for me being fairly new to the hobby I hope you get a lot out of it. This forum is a great tool!!!!
  5. The Official Introductions Thread

    Hey guys I've been on here for a month or 2 but forgot to formally introduce myself...My name is Kent Miller I live in Arkansas and go to nursing school at Harding University. I am married with 2 kids both are girls ages 3 and 3 months. I am new to RC and have a 3906 E-Maxx w/ locked diffs and 40 series big joes big bore shocks w/ progressive springs....I also have the Kershaw dual 700 HO kit on the way...oh yeah I waterproofed everything thanks to squirrel's vids. Thanks in advance for the tips and advice