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  1. Since I posted this I have bought a tf2, put it together, and ran it about 2 hours total. Going to Little Rock city Alabama on feb 25th or whichever day is Saturday. Should be a blast!uou should make the 15 hour trip or whatever it is and scale with us!!!
  2. Thanks! Got more shielding gas so welding should be pretty again. I almost forgot to swap the power terminals back. I would have known quick but it would have been messy for a minute. Wife is out if town and she wanted me to work a bunch and get stuff done around the house I can't do when she and my child are home so that is what I am doing.
  3. Making a front bumper. Trying to decide how I like it best. Likely will fill in the angled piece with a square to make it look more flush.
  4. Did a few things after the scale bug but me again. Cut fenders. Lowered slightly. Started styrene work for inner fenders. Here you can see I have a lot left to do. Ur front looks better at least
  5. Cool! I have a running rig. I made a plate to hold the battery and rx. I also put the esc in the back above the axle basically. I have plenty of room underneath since the transmission is up front. Vid first then pics after http://s671.photobucket.com/user/pitcher2103/media/B8FC01DC-5734-491D-8131-E870CF9FA5DD.mp4.html
  6. Thanks! Just kinda stalled for a bit right now. Been busy
  7. Thanks guys! Hiccup at the moment but I need to work on it to get it running soon. I plan to eventually to a metal bumper and some running boards. I really want to do some little things like the fender wells and paint the interior eventually also. There is so much to do but it is almost running.
  8. I haven't looked at this thread this year I think. Looks awesome! You have done a lot to this thing to make it more scale. The inner fender wells make a huge difference and the rings on the back look spectacular!
  9. So I have the transmission and servo crammed up front and the hand brothers CMS wasn't also going to work with the Chinese special transmission mount, so I make one. Also welded a small pan hard link mount. Almost no bump steer since they are basically on the same plane! Go me! Also I just have to mount the front of the body. The pic is slightly lower sitting than the body will be since I wasn't through at that point. And yes the drive shaft from the transmission to the transfer case appears extreme but it isn't that bad and doesn't bind .
  10. Chinese special. It crawls for long time! This thing is way front end heavy and should translate to easier up hill action. I have material to make the links since I need them slightly longer. Not much new with it other than having all I need.
  11. Yes but it's all the same color. 4 screws holding it in so it should be asy to detail it some in the future with some paint.
  12. Stickers off. This sort of took a while but there ya go. And here is the newb setup that some people post pics of... #soooscalelol
  13. Well I will have some frame rails from my buddy and he had a new hand Bros CMS and panhard hit so I was happy when his price was very fair! Picking it up later today!
  14. It may be a bit. I have to get frame rails and a couple things first. Look for a completed rig by a month or shortly after though! I'll update as I go though.
  15. Mail lady was sweet today. Walmart.com has them cheaper than anywhere else. 79 plus tax and free shipping. Got it off the chassi and started taking off stickers but decided to snag a couple pics.