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  1. Hello, The New Guy From Pa!

    is there a trick or something im missing to be able to edit and fill out all the info on my profile? im really diggin this site and interested in commin on here often. i was on team associated forums years ago but i guess that forum is down. i met alot of good people there and im sure im gonna here. took a break and now i got an rc kick again.
  2. Hello, The New Guy From Pa!

    thanks man. nice to meet you. im trying to edit my profile but the page keeps freezing up when i click on edit profile. not sure whats up with that.
  3. hi im chris from pa. i have team assosiated mgt 8.0, mini mgt3.0 and ntc3. found this site on you tube watching a squirrle vid.
  4. Having issues with my MGT 8.0 :(