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    Motocross, golf, and rc's. (bet you never saw that last one coming did you?)
  1. here are some pics that i prommised

    looking good. Way to do my project. lol. look at my sig.

    WELCOME TO THE TOYZ!!!!! you will love it here. between the nicest ppl and the best information, this is a great forum. Have fun with your build. I cant wait to see some pics.
  3. noob

    spend a month on here and you will no longer be a noob. you will know a ton more than many ppl.
  4. hi everyone

    whats up. im from butler pennsylvania. i do not race however. welcome to the toyz.
  5. Hello Everyone.

    welcome to the toyz!!!
  6. Greetings from TORONTO

    lol. it gets pretty cold here in pennsylvania as well. nothing compared to up there though.
  7. Greetings from TORONTO

    welcome, and see i respect the ppl north of america, but the ppl south not so much. how come we never have any canadians hopping the bordeR?
  8. welcome to the toyz!!!(the best rc forums around). make yourself at home. check out some of the awesome stuff going on around here! and what engine is that on your revo?> tell us how it runs please.

    it seems like i joined at the perfect time. there is just new ppl pouring in now.
  10. A Canadian newbie here eh?

    welcome!! but i have a question....why do canadians always say eh??
  11. make a forum for stuff that flies.

    thank you guys!!!!
  12. make a section of the forums for plains and helis. if you already have a place for this please inform me.
  13. Greg aka: Noob

  14. how do you put a personal photo on here??

    i got it done now. thanks for the help.
  15. how do you put a personal photo on here??

    yea in photobucket, i have the pic in there but i dont know how to make it 100 pixels. is pixels like the thing where it sais like 100x100 or whatever?