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  1. Thanks so much for the stuff you sold me, shipped fast and arrived well packaged!!

  2. Back To The Hobby

    Thanks Folks!! Just got back from my first race at Linville Hobby Shop in Batesville Indiana. Made it to the A-Main, I think everybody did there were just 8 SC Trucks there tonight, the other classes had more but they said that was a low turn-out...Anyways, running stock tires was killing me and after the first heat some cool fella loaned me a set of rear's for my slash. I hooked up a lot better and I ended up placing 4th outta 8 in the A-main!! I know not all that special but I'll take it!! LOL Yup, I'm hooked!
  3. Back To The Hobby

    Geesh!! I just saw a post and noticed what that Optima is bringing...they are called "vintage" now...lol It's been a while back now since I sold them, but I can see I sold my stuff WAY to cheap..
  4. Hello folks, I go by Snide I live in SE Indiana and I just got back into RC cars after a uh.....20 year hiatus The last few rc cars I had that I can remember is a RC 10, Kyosho Optima and a Tamiya Blackfoot for bashing (I loved that truck) it was about 5 years ago that my wife decided to clean out the garage and have a yard sale, well, long story short... cars, radio's,, motors, spare parts, everything went for 10 bucks. Vowing to get back around to it I finally have. Last week I went and bought a 1/10 Traxxas slash 2 wheel drive model with the brush motor even..(lol) Figured I run the brushes out before I upgraded to what is to me the very new brush-less motor. Anyways found a local track not far from me. They run a Slash stock class also modified short course 2wd only....SO I paid my membership and been at the track everyday this week for an hour or so. One thing is for certain, I AM RUSTY!!! They have their races on Saturday's and I'm gonna attend, I'll proly just be in the way but gotta get back in the swing of things somehow! Anyways, look forward to chatting with you folks, seems like an awesome forum!! Thanks!
  5. I'm the "I may be in over head" sorta newbie...

  6. Hoosier Hello

    UH, can't say welcome as this is my first post, but hello from a fellow Hoosier!!