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  1. New To The Forum

    Maybe USPS delivered it to the wrong house or someone jacked it off your doorstep? If it's delivered in tracking then someone somewhere has it because it's no longer in the mail system. Have you tried calling the post office and asking if they have any packages held there for you? Can hurt to give it a shot. Welcome to the forum though, pull up a chair and enjoy your stay
  2. what the hell is this?

  3. New R.c.er

    ^ I think that guy replied in the wrong topic, but no matter Welcome to thetoyz to you both! good luck with the research! hope you enjoy the boards!
  4. A big hello.

    do you know how to tune it? the tune wont hold from the hobby shop. you need to retune it everytime you take it out. there are factors affecting this, how hot or cold is it outside, is it humid? dry? etc you can check out some of squirrels tuning videos on youtube to help get you started http://thetoyz.com/forums/index.php?showforum=218 i doubt you have a gasket problem, your LHS guy is prolly blowing smoke, and even if it was you can get the seals and gaskets here http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/WTI00...ARCH=2.5+gasket stick with what you got until you get a least a small handle on how things work, and from the sounds of it i wouldnt use your LHS guy as much of a resource. the 2.5 is a pita to tune anyway but you should be able to get her going i also use a modified 5 tank method what do you mean you heard parts for the savvy are a nightmare? i have a savvy x 4.6 and that thing breaks down so fast and simple! PS: welcome to the toyz
  5. Toyz Newb

    welcome and we dont mind if you drop a convo with us to go run the truck around, we do it too
  6. The Official Introductions Thread

    Navy vet eh? im navy as well welcome everyone! hope you enjoy what youve seen and continue to contribute to this exciting place! pull up a chair, sit back, and relax
  7. hello there

    welcome! wheres the pics??
  8. Hi from NC

    i too use the cheap ofna one welcome to the toyz man enjoy ur stay
  9. Hello from Alaska

    welcome to the toyz glad to have ya! grab a mug and stay a while
  10. another nube

    wow! thats a nice A-- collection! welcome to the toyz man enjoy your stay!

    welcome to the toyz! most people knock no name brands just cuz of horror stories they have heard or b/c they arent in the fad. but how can you judge something you havent had before? and if it makes you happy, then screw em! however there are several lesser known brands that i have found have great ideas though they may seem like knock offs. the only thing that keeps me away from these companies is that parts availability is slimmer. i like to get hop ups right away and make them my own but annnnnyyyywaaayyy good to see you here, glad you picked us!
  12. Hi

    good choice using tower. Always have great deals. Fast and free shipping
  13. Hi

    welcome to the toyz! whats ur collection looking like?
  14. Hello from WA State

    yeah boi representing 360! what beotch
  15. Hello from WA State

    add a forth. WHERE U AT?!