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  1. Checking In From Western, Ma

    Welcome to The Toyz
  2. Hey All

    Thank's RH Motorsports. Found this on my photobucket account, It's from last summer when I was running a 5.5t brushless motor in the buggy.
  3. Hey All

    Thank's for the welcome's guy's. I really need to pull my kit's out and get some better picture's of them. The Revo 2.5 that I converted to brushless is being converted to a real E-Revo right now, I already have an e-revo transmission on the way and the only part I am missing to put it together is a new esc and a e-revo chassis.
  4. Hey All

    Hey guy's, New guy here. I have a few project's. First one is a Revo 3.3 that's running a RB TM323. Second is a Revo 2.5 that I converted to brushless. Third is my Nitro Rustler with a 3.3. It was my first nitro R/C. And also my pile of vintage Kyosho's.
  5. The Official Introductions Thread

    New here. Have a Revo 3.3 running a TM323, A revo 2.5 converted to brushless, A Nitro Rustler with a 3.3 and a pile of vintage Kyosho's.