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  2. New jack.........

    Thank you, thank you, thank you............ Yeah, umm.......pics..........I need to take a crash course in resize before I can do that! All the photos I have are set at a res to be printed at 8x10.........about 4x's the file size for legal postings here! I'll get to it though.
  3. New jack.........

    After lurking for a while, I'm breaking the ice...... I've been muxxing with RC for about 20 years, my first was a Radio Shack Golden Arrow. Right now, I have an MGT(few upgrades), an 18T(mostly FT parts), an 18B(90% stock), & a Slash(Stone stock. Think I'm going to race it Spec locally this spring). I swear the day Tower puts the E-Revo B/L on 3-pay.......I'm hitting the 'buy' button! My long time G/F is also into the hobbie. A while back she kinda hi-jacked my 18T..........I swear I don't exactly know when it happened ! ........so her biggest box under the tree this year was a Rusty. Less than a week after it was out of the box it most of the Traxxas factory hop-ups already on it! We live in pretty rural area of Nj. My brother and I have a full size basher track out at his place. It's big enough to run the MG and his Savvy's wide open. It has a few jumps, and some nice turns. I have arranged for some dirt to be delivered in the spring so I can build up the jumps(I like air). He wants to put a rock pile in the middle, since he & my G/F are into crawlers too. We are near 08302 in Nj. Anybody's welcome the first time. Be cool, and you're invited to come back. RC has always been mo fun with a group. I'll be around. Thanks to all the members and Mods for the awesome tech, and for the great atmosphere!