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  1. You make the best RC video's. They really helped a lot becuase I am pretty new to the hobby.

  2. im new to the rc world and if it wasnt for u i would be lost. ur the man

  3. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hey squirrel when im applying throttle my mmm esc keeps puting the brakes on at the same time? i went out and bought a rx8 combo but i still want a back up should i just send it in 2 castle?

  5. Hey man I'm haveing a problem starting a savage 21 it's been sitting for about 9 years I took it all apart and cleaned it reset needles to factory new gas good glow plug glow lighter charged but truck will not start please help if anyone could hep I figured it would be you you have great videos

  6. dude it looks like tony stark in the picture a little bit :P

  7. your videos help out a lot

  8. dude thanks for the vids they help ALOT. keep the good stuff coming

  9. love your vids. very helpful

  10. What is squirrels pm address?