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  1. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome BHorn. No flaming will happen here While many arent Redcat fans, it's still an RC! Sounds like you are well on your way to make it as reliable as it can be. You've done a ton of work to it. Please feel free to post up your questionsand show off your rig. We tend to like pics here
  2. New Here

    Welcome Beamie! Glad to have you here. Please head over to the introductions thread and tell us a little about yourself and your RCs Here's a link. http://forums.thetoyz.com/index.php?showtopic=13744
  3. The Official Introductions Thread

    Hi Onyxius! Lipos can be safe with a bit of knowledge and having a battery that meets the needs of your kit. We can help you with that. The savage is an awesome machine but spendy. If you mostly run grass and fields, 4 wheel drive will be your friend. Please start up a thread with all your questions and we will do all we can to show you options and help out any way we can
  4. The Official Introductions Thread

    Howdy Xellos99! That's a great little RC you have coming. Good thinking to do your homework on Lipo's. Any questions, please don't hesitate to start up a topic, and have a look through the info on the forum. Welcome to the Toyz
  5. The Official Introductions Thread

    Greetings Michael Welcome to the forum. I have never heard of that RC. Please tell us some more about it and maybe post some pictures. See you on the boards!
  6. Hello From Southern Oregon

    Glad to meet you Jeff. You have some really nice rigs! Glad to see another nitro guy
  7. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome back Chris! Got any pics of your multirotors? I have been chomping at the bit to try one. See you on the boards
  8. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome!! Glad you found us .
  9. Newbie From Houston Tx

    Battery size is great. A nice steering servo in your price range is a Hitec HS-7954SH http://hitecrcd.com/products/servos/premium-digital-servos/hs-7954sh-high-torque-hv-coreless-steel-gear-servo/product
  10. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome to the forums Angel! We are always glad to help
  11. Newbie From Houston Tx

    Excellent! I am not finding the draw spec for the Viper motor, but most 1/8 brushless can pull around the 100 amp mark plus a bit for servos and receiver operations. That motor requires a 4 cell, or 4S as it's called, battery pack. To know if your battery will supply everything well, use this formula. mah x C rating then divide by 1000. This will tell you the approximate amp draw the battery will be safe to operate with. i.e. a 5000 mah 4S battery with a 40C rating. 5000 x 40 = 200,000 divided by 1000 = 200 amps Your motor can draw approximately 100 amps plus around 10% for servos. This pack will sufficiently meet your requirements. Check online for your battery tray dimensions, then find a lipo supplier and see what packs they have that will fit your tray. If it's a bit smaller, you can take up the gap with a piece of foam. Batteries can vary GREATLY in price. Maxamps, for example are pricey, but have good warranty and specs. But there are good batteries that don't cost a fortune if you aren't a hard core racer, like Turnigy nano-techs, Zippy flightmax, Gens Ace, and SPC plus many others. Also watch where the wires come out of the battery. Some come directly from the end or the side and can interfere with how it sits in your tray, or rub the body or moving parts. Others come out of the top. Take a look at your kit and see which placement of wires will work best for you. Then add that to your search criteria. As for chargers, the one Bill (cmnyj28) listed is a great little balance charger, and will take approximately 1 hour to properly balance charge a lipo. You can find others with more power, but most consider a 1C charge rate to be safe. So a 5000 mah battery would be ok to charge at 5 amps, a 3000 mah battery at 3 amps, etc. The AC6 listed I believe is a 5 amp max charger. The AC680 is a 6 amp and has a cooling fan for a bit more. These chargers also come with a variety of ends to charge different styles of batteries and different plugs. They also can work in AC or DC which is a nice option that not all chargers have. They don't need a separate power supply. Make sure, what ever you go with, is a Lipo BALANCE charger. What's your budget for a steering servo? There are many to choose from. That airtronics radio looks pretty decent for the price! I don't have any personal experience with it however.
  12. Newbie From Houston Tx

    What motor and esc are you running? We need to know that to help determine what Mah you will want to keep everything happy and not overheating. Are you planning to race or bash? No worries about getting bashed here for questions. We are here to help, not heckle anyone.
  13. Hello From Idaho

    Glad to have you here! What did you get for a nitro kit?
  14. Hello From New Zealand

    Welcome to the hobby and the forums! A bunch of great people here always willing to help
  15. Hello

    Make a photobucket account. www.photobucket.com It's free! Upload your pic to it, then copy and paste the IMG code it will give you to your post and it will pop up