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  1. sorry i put asylum extreme i thought it was louisville lexington has a hobSquirrel Lovers Annonomousown too ill go there some time i go to bass pro alot there so i might see you at coyote hobbies
  2. yeah i race hay have you ever gone to asylume extreme? it is awesome i live in calhoun ky if you want maybe next year ill bring my vxl and we can race i go to asylum and hobSquirrel Lovers Annonomousown
  3. nice just two to choose from good for racing with a friend
  4. nice rides i like seeing so many cars
  5. yep ive seen the whole collection on youtube
  6. im happy there are sooo many cars here and i started this post today if anyone has a car tell me
  7. let me guess its because he has sooooooo many!
  8. Traxxas rustler - also making a 4wd rustler but it has been going very slowly well its good to see more people making a 4wd rustler too mine has two stampede chassiss bolted together backwerds and using two emaxx titains one normal and the other reverse rotation so i like the fact that some one else like the rustler that much
  9. well heres a rustler project im working on its not much but im setting it up wit full alloy and vxl brushless system and all that
  10. well thanks cow i am feeling more and more welcome and thanks to everyone this site is awesome
  11. well thanks guys i will add yall to my friends for being the first to reply
  12. okay so ive been on here for about a month and want to know yalls rides and what mods and stuff they have i have a 4wd rustler a stampede and a tmaxx 3.3 coming on the way from rc planet and have a k5.9 salvage