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  1. HI i am new boy

    Welcome to the Site!
  2. Back in the hobby

    hmm. i would say so. I always find smaller engines harder to tune.
  3. Back in the hobby

    Well if you do get into nitro, you'll find more than enough help around here;) As for the merv's durability, i have only heard its bad from 3 of my close friends. But they probably abused them.
  4. Back in the hobby

    Well potentially welcome back to the hobby! Once you're in you never get out, even if you take breaks lol. Everyone starts off not knowing anything about the hobby. Nitro is hard for beginners. I can almost guarantee you will end up getting a larger truck, or something faster/better lol. The MERV's are alright. been hearing alot of bad things about durability. But if you check out some of squirrels video's then you can get that all sorted out!
  5. Howdy

    thanks and, oh i will!
  6. Howdy

    Hey guys, Always been a fan of Squirrel's video's on youtube, been watching them for a long time. I always saw that he has a forum but i never joined. I am a member of a few other forums ATM. I joined because i am getting a savage X and savage XL on saturday, and i knew Squirrel was a huge savage fan(at least i think ) so i thought it would be a good idea to join. Anyways, hello everyone.