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    R\C cars of course, i love to play my xbox 360, love to bass fish, like to wonder around in the woods, love music,chillen with my homies. more tio write here...
  1. Back To Rc From A 2 Year Hiatus!

    Wellcome to thetoyz MTZ_RACING you'll find tons of cool and laid back people here that are willin to talk an help eachother. So kick back and enjoy the fourms...
  2. yeah. so whats new with you????

  3. things been goin alright got back from ohio last saturday been working at a power plant for my older bro for 4 months and i orderd a factory AE buggy and sum other stuff and bought a 1/8 kyosho inferno ve race spec. that needs a new esc >.<

  4. good man, how bout you??

  5. Hey whats goin on man?

  6. you're sig caught my eye and i have to say man i'm totally dign thoes rimes :)

  7. thats cool hows the weather up there? and hows racing??

  8. wuts up jug hows it goin?

  9. whats good Brian?, hows the Rc world treatn you...