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  1. Hey guys im putting this motor back together after I got it cleaned up. I got it from a buddy at work that had taken it out of his Savage. The motor doesn't have a clutch, flywheel, or clutch bell. I am new to all this so if you guys could point me in the direction of an acceptable flywheel, clutch, and clutch bell to get this back going into another Savage frame I got. Please help a newbie?
  2. Here is the rear bumper that I made just need to do some engraving and mount it up.
  3. Hey Everybody, My name is Michael. I am very new to this hobby. I just recently got a T-maxx 4910 by a trade I had made. I am also a CNC machinist by trade so there is no way I am purchasing any hop up parts that I can make myself. I just recently made a new rear bumper and mounts. So as soon as I can I will post some pictures of my work. Later guys, Michael