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  1. happy birthday my friend!

  2. Whats up? I just noticed that you live in Jacksonville. I live in j-ville too. Anyways just thought that it was cool to see someone from where i live. :D

  3. Returning After Many Years

    Welcome back and thank you for your service!
  4. New To The Forum

    What company shipped your package? (Fedex, UPS, USPS??)
  5. New To The Forum

    Welcome to the Forum! If you are having issues with your order, contact RJ at rj@thetoyz.com . Or get in touch with Squirrel, he runs the forum
  6. Hi From Ohio

    Welcome to the forum! You will really like it here, very helpful and extremely friendly!
  7. Hey Guys!

    I know i've learned a lot from here and soon you will to. Welcome to the forum!