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  1. Trying to start a Youtube channel is SOOOO Exhausting!!!

  2. Where? I don't see anything
  3. +1 for both of those. RCPlanet and AMain. Both are great
  4. Im not sure about that one but from what I've seen Axial usually uses a .040 lexan on most of their bodies. The only one I can think of that wasn't was the Rat Rod truck body made for the savage/T-maxx which was .060.
  5. Lol I use Gorilla tape. But yea the prolines are pretty good. And the jconcepts. I havent had any problems with them yet.
  6. Need to maybe turn your trim dial to the center. then pull the servo horn off and center the servo. make sure thats all as close as possible. Then if you have the 2.4 Ghz radio you may need to adjust your end points. I think its something like hold menu till the green led blinks. then push menu, set, menu, menu. then the led shold blink red 3 times. then you turn the steering wheel right to where you want it and press set. then left to where you want it and press set again. Then hold the menu button till the leg blinks green a whole bunch of times.
  7. RPM Front bumper is a must. A-arms Gear cover (the stock one has a slot cut in it that allows dirt into the case to get in the gears. bad) Shock towers (just cuz its a good idea) STRC Aluminum shock caps. (Traxxas ultra shock caps will blow off with a hard landing and u'll lose all your shock oil) Aluminum caster blocks. (the plastic ones always seem to have the camber bars rip out on me.) Aluminum rear hub carriers TRAXXAS Steel dive yokes (part # TRA4628X) Spares Axle shafts Stub axles Spur Gears Shock shafts for front and rear Chassis Skids Thats all the upgrades I have on my stampede and slash and they are darn near bulletproof. They either one rarely break unless I do Something outrageously stupid. Been known to happen. If you feel you need some extra grip, Get a set of proline trenchers. they are awesome all around bashing tires.
  8. I was actually thinking that too. do you know what size the axle pin is. Like 5/64th or something like that? Right now I just snapped off a piece if the smallest hex key that comes with the kit and pounded it in there.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get an upgraded part for one of these.... I keep breaking the little pin and its driving me nuts. No matter what I do my slash MT keeps Eating these parts.
  10. How may C are your batteries. Are you running the stock canyon tires? If so those things dont handle speed very well. Way too soft of a compound. Go with the Highest C batteries that you can find/afford. It makes a difference. Get a couple 2S 40-50C 5000mAh lipos. If your looking for cheap ones, hobbypartz.com should be restocked by now. The Gens Ace and Blue lipos are both good if you can find the sizes to fit in the trays.
  11. I like that one its realistic looking. Almost Scaler-ish.
  12. Yes I think it is too. Unfortunately we're in the process of moving, so all our availible money is getting stockpiled for that situation. I have another shock tower from my doner T-maxx still so I'll probably just put that on until after we get settled.
  13. +1 for KD. Exacctly what id suggest.
  14. Thank you all for coming... At Approximatly 11:25 this morning the E-maxx suffered a blow to its rear shock tower resulting in damage. The investigation is on going but we do suspect foul play. At this time we are looking to the Hobby Shack in Oskaloosa Iowa for repairs. As for the culprits we are looking for these suspects... A Mr. Charlie Ramp. Last seen sitting in the backyard looking rather tattered as seen here in the picture... and a Miss Velvet T. Dogg seen here in security footage scalking around the area the assault took place. Miss Dogg is known to have a grudge against the E-maxx due to a prior incident where E-maxx ran into her igloo doggie home knocking it off its foundation... while she was in it... having her afternoon tea... If seen do not attempt to apprehend either Miss Dogg or Mr. Ramp as we can only assume they are toothed and extremely splinterous.
  15. Good videos. Alot of his upgrades have been added to my wish lists. Just waitin for some money as always.