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  1. Still doing some work on it. Did run the slash. Pretty legit. My kids got a pink bandit from a friend. Had battery issues. I revived the battery on my charger. All good to go. Time to give it back to my kids
  2. Motor is borrowed from a friend. He runs a pro4 hd 4300 in his slash 4x4 I do have a sensor wire on order
  3. Running pretty good. Mmp can't handle it though. It overheats. Motor is at 120-130, geared 14/56 Battery mod And I can use the stock bar as well
  4. so.... some stuff has happened, and it is currently down, once I get it up and running again, will update
  5. oh yeah, no pics, but I used some leftover foam, and stuck it under the tab of the battery hold down.... without the strap in it, the hold down clip is forced shut all the time.... I like it Thanks to thesmogman from the TRX forum for that idea here are some new pics..... I took off my lights until I can figure out a better way to moung them
  6. ok, so still hitting thermal shutdown on an mmp, on 17/54 on a 2s..... with little tires! 3.83" diameter it is definitely the ESC. really not happy with castle.... heck, this gearing is conservative......
  7. I know this is way old.... But I think Axial stole your idea Losi has one out now too
  8. ok, so my slicks are 3.83" in diameter I think I am going to drop to a 17, and give it a try.... the scriptasylum calculator is off a few mph, than what real world shows me, but it is a good baseline.... if you play around with it, you can kinda see how much difference there is between ratios.... maybe the 17 will make me not overheat.... it will drop me like 5 mph though.....
  9. I guess so..... not sure if I posted the whole story here, but Castle jerked me around in regards to my MMP.... so I am running it until it explodes....
  10. so, it is definitely thermal